Were you wrongfully dismissed?

Would you like to speak to a team of highly skilled and understanding experts about the possibility of making wrongful dismissal claim against your employer, would like the advice of a professional who was dealt with many of these claims in the past at employment tribunal’s throughout the UK? Then the team at waiting to hear from you so that we can begin investigating your potential case against your employer in the hopes of receiving compensation that you justly deserve for your unfair treatment.

Being the victim of any form of dismissal at work, including unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and worried about your future. We understand that you may be worried about the financial implications of losing your job, or that you may be distressed because of the way that your employer has treated you in the lead up to you leaving your job.

Our experts understanding and sympathetic and will make every attempt to make the claims process as simple and stress free as possible for you, as we understand how difficult and daunting this can be for you.

So if you do feel your employer has treated you in such a way as to make you leave your job, then you may be entitled to make a claim against them at an employment tribunal for wrongful dismissal, so do not delay in getting in touch with our understanding and highly qualified professionals at today who are experts in the field of employment law and claims of this nature, in the hopes of being able to take your employer to an employment tribunal in the UK and receive the maximum amount of compensation that should be available to you for your individual circumstances.

“A dismissal is the termination of a contract of employment by the employer. A dismissal may take many forms and it is not always necessary for the employer to expressly state that he is dismissing you – if you are on a forced term contract and your employer fails to renew it, or if you are forced to resign, or if your employer acts in a way which amounts to a fundamental breach of your contract of employment, you will be considered to have been dismissed.

If you are dismissed, you may want to consider whether you have any grounds for a claim for either unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal.” Your Rights, 18th Aug 2013

So if you are ready to speak to our team of experts at about the possibility of making a claim against your employer for unfair or wrongful dismissal, and would like to help of a highly trained professional who is an expert in employment law and wrongful dismissal claims, then gives us a call today on 020 80392 30491, wherever you live in the UK, and let us begin investigating your potential claim for you.

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