Symptoms of Stress at Work

Stress can manifest itself in a number of different ways and can lead to a serious psychological illness or injury developing. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms it may indicate that you are suffering from work related stress:

  • Feelings of disappointment with yourself.
  • Highly emotional reactions such as being overly tearful, sensitive or aggressive.
  • Lonely or withdrawn.
  • Lacking in motivation, commitment or confidence.
  • Mood swings that are not related to behaviour.
  • Negative or depressed feelings about yourself.
  • Confusion or indecision.
  • Unable to concentrate.
  • Poor memory.

Stress can also cause an employee to experience changes in their normal behaviour such as:

  • Smoking more.
  • Increased drinking or drug taking.
  • Problems sleeping.
  • Nervous or twitchy behaviour.
  • Attendance or timekeeping problems.
  • A change in eating habits.

Not only does stress affect an employee emotionally and psychologically, stress can also cause a number of physical symptoms such as aching muscles and joints and can even lead to more serious medical issues with the heart, lungs and circulation – some employees have even experienced serious and threatening illnesses such as a heart attack.

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