How to make a sexual harrasment claim

Have you suffered psychological injuries as a result of sexual harassment in the workplace and are now considering bringing a claim against your employer? If you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work, causing you considerable stress, you could be entitled to compensation and should make a no obligation call to the extremely dedicated professionals at to discuss your case confidentially and discover how we could act on your behalf to help you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve with the minimal fuss for you.

It is extremely important that employers know how to deal with conflicts and disputes in their workplace, which can be a major cause of stress at work.

The first way any employer should attempt to resolve issues is informally, with one-to-one conversations with their employees. This requires a great deal of sensitivity and empathy and a manager/employer should try to:

 listen to what an individual is telling them, attempting to recognise any underlying causes of unhappiness or stress

 ensure that they remain calm, asking questions in a measured way to for the other person achieves and let them speak freely

 lead by example

A conversation in this manner should allow an employer to check if there has been a mistake or misunderstanding but has caused a problem unintentionally.

Are you a victim of sexual harassment at work and considering bringing a compensation claim against your employer? If you have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment, either verbally or physically, by managers or co-workers and your employer did not take any reasonable measures to protect you or prevent these issues from occurring, you could be eligible to bring a compensation claim against them to an employment tribunal and should consult the extremely understanding professionals at to discuss your case and find out how we could use our extensive experience in successfully handling cases of this nature to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your claim.

Ms B, an assistant manager in a restaurant in London, recently consulted our caring and experienced professional staff following an assault by a male manager. She was caused to suffer a considerable stress and psychological injuries as a result of your employer’s failure to discipline this manager following the incident.

The highly skilled claims team at have taken on Ms B’s case to act on her behalf to help her in her pursuit of recompense for the trauma and suffering that she has unfortunately experienced.

Make a no obligation call to the friendly and caring staff at to discuss your sexual harassment claim in confidence and find out how our experts could offer you the accurate and personalised advice that you need, along with guidance and support throughout the claims process, will represent you in bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal to maximise the recompense that you obtain, on: 020 89239 12094.

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