Rights Of Employees, what applies to you?

Do you feel that your employer is ignoring the rights of employees and this is causing considerable stress at work? If you feel that you are suffering stress due to the conduct of your employer or co-workers, or as a result of not being able to take the rest breaks or annual leave that you should be entitled to, you could be eligible to pursue a compensation claim against your employer to an employment tribunal and should consult the extremely understanding experts at to discuss your case confidentially.

There is legislation in place that provides basic rights for everyone from the day that they start work, regardless of how many hours a week that they work. Each employee is entitled to the following statutory rights and protection:

 Time for holidays and breaks (most people are entitled to a minimum 20 minute break when a working day is more than six hours, a rest period of 11 hours between working days, and 5.6 weeks paid holiday pay year).

 Protection from discrimination and harassment relating to any personal characteristic covered under the Equality Act 2010, such as sex, sexual orientation, religion and beliefs, age, disability and race.

 Protection from victimisation for trade union membership or activity, health and safety activity, and whistleblowing.

 52 weeks maternity leave, including time off entitled visits

 Protection against discrimination or dismissal relating to pregnancy and maternity.

 Protection from multiple deductions from wages.

Do you need advice with regards the rights of employees following employment disputes and conflicts that have caused you to suffer work-related stress? Then make a no obligation call to the friendly and caring staff at , to find out how our experience professionals could work on your behalf to help you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve for the work-related stress that you have suffered.

Our dedicated claims team at were recently consulted by Ms R from Hempston, who told us she was suffering stress that she felt that she had been singled out by management as the result of a whistleblowing complaint that she had made.

If you expose any wrongdoing in your workplace, and are treated less favourably or victimised as a result of this, then this is unlawful behaviour and you may be eligible to bring a compensation claim against your employer.

Work-related stress cases of this nature can be extremely complex, and a thorough investigation is required by our experts to establish if there are indeed grounds for the client to bring a claim to a tribunal.

If you are suffering from work-related stress as you feel your employer is ignoring the working rights of employees, you should consult the dedicated claims team at to discuss your case in confidence and find out if you could be eligible to pursue a compensation claim, during which we could act on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome with the minimal fuss; so call our friendly and helpful staff today, on: 020 80392 30491.

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