Redundancy – what should you do?

Has your employer treated you unfairly in selecting your for redundancy, causing you to suffer considerable stress at work? Then you should make a no obligation call to the extremely understanding professionals at to discuss your case and discover how we could help you pursue a compensation claim for the damages that have been caused, offering you advice and support throughout the process whilst acting on your behalf to maximise the compensation that you obtain.

If you feel that the circumstances surrounding their redundancy were unfair, you may be entitled to compensation. This could be because you were chosen for redundancy because you were absent from work due to work-related stress, or you feel that the redundancy procedures not be handled properly by your employer causing you to suffer stress at work. If you feel that redundancy is not the real reason for your dismissal, because you have been discriminated against or because another person will fill (or has filled) your position following your dismissal, this could also be extremely distressing and unfair, giving grounds for you to claim compensation.

It is important that you contact our experts as soon as possible if you are considering bringing a claim against your employer, as there are time limits in place in which you can commence legal proceedings against them.

Have you taken time off work as you have been suffering from stress, and have now been unfairly selected for redundancy? Then you should consult the dedicated claims team at to discuss your case in confidence, as you could be entitled to compensation and you could find out how our professionals could work on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome if you decide to go ahead with making a claim.

We receive many enquiries on a daily basis for cases of stress at work that have been caused by an extremely diverse range of different situations.

The dedicated claims team at were recently contacted by Mr M, a support worker from Liverpool, who told us that he was suffering from stress at work. He explained that he has become overworked and put in situations by his employers that have led to him suffering stress, which is also had an impact on his physical health, causing him to suffer pneumonia. Although Mr M has made complaints to his line manager about his working situation, nothing was done to resolve the situation.

Our experts carefully considered all aspects of this case before advising Mr M appropriately.

The professionals at could use our extensive experience in successfully handling claims on behalf of clients all over the country if you have been suffering from stress at work as a result of being threatened with redundancy, offering you the accurate and personalised advice and clear guidance that you need, whilst always working in your best interests to ensure you achieve the optimum results available to you from your claim; so call us today, on: 0844 346 3880.

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