Pressures of Work

A certain amount of pressure in the workplace can be healthy for employees and can boost productivity. If an employee is placed under unnecessary or excessive pressure, however, this may put a strain on the mental health of the employee concerned.

Have you suffered from stress at work due to poor planning in the workplace or inadequate resource allocation by the management? Did you develop a serious psychological illness because your work life balance was upset due to your workload or targets? Were you set unreasonable targets by your employer? All of these problems can result in the development of a serious personal injury in the form of a psychological illness. is here to help you secure the compensation award you deserve if your employer has placed you under undue strain at work causing you to sustain a personal injury.

There are a countless ways in which the pressures of work can affect the mental wellbeing of an employee. One of the most common causes of stress at work is an employee being given a workload that is too much for them to handle. If you were given an excessive workload, or if you were required to perform additional tasks outside of your job description and training, it will be understandable if you develop symptoms of a mental illness – is here to support you through this very difficult time.

Other causes of stress at work due to unnecessary pressure include, but are not limited to:

  • Being given a project that is fraught with difficulties or problems but not being given the resources or support you need from your employer.
  • Being required to complete tasks in an unreasonable time frame. If your employer has given you a brief and requested you complete it within three days, for example, but the project cannot be completed within two weeks, this would be considered to be an unreasonable request.
  • Being given impossible targets is another common cause of stress at work – if your employer makes your working life difficult by settingimpossible goals, it is likelythat this will take its toll on your mental health.

If you feel that the pressures of work have caused you to develop a recognised psychological injury, contact the helpful and friendly advisors from to find out how we can help you.

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