Pregnancy Discrimination – how can it effect you?

Has pregnancy discrimination caused you work-related stress? Then you should call the extremely understanding and highly skilled professionals at to discuss your case in confidence, as you may be eligible to bring a compensation claim against your employer and we could act in your best interests, handling all the work for you and maximising the recompense that we secure on your behalf.

Discrimination against an employee because of her sex, pregnancy and maternity by an employer is against the law, covered by the Equality Act 2010. Pregnant employees are protected against less favourable treatment, disciplinary action and dismissal for any reason relating to their pregnancy, as well as having stronger rights, such as 52 weeks maternity leave and time off to attend antenatal classes. Discrimination against a pregnant employee could cause her to suffer a great deal of stress.

BBC News reported that “children whose mothers were stressed out during pregnancy are vulnerable to mental and behavioural problems like ADHD” according to mounting evidence.

The article goes on to say that “latest UK research by Prof Vivette Glover of Imperial College London found stress caused by rows with or violence by a partner was particular damaging. Experts blame high levels of stress hormone cortisol crossing the placenta.

“The babies exposed to the highest levels of cortisol during their development had lower IQs at 18 months. The same infants were also more likely to be anxious and fearful,” Prof Glover told a conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Are you suffering from stress at work due to pregnancy and maternity discrimination by your employer? Then it’s important that you consult experienced professionals to discuss your case as you may be entitled to compensation, so make a no obligation call to the friendly and caring staff at for advice to be able to make a fully informed decision, and to discover how our experts could act on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome if you do decide to go ahead with your claim.

Our experts receive a diverse range of stress at work claim enquiries every day, for stress caused by various types of discrimination in the workplace, as well as cases that have been caused by harassment and excessive workloads being placed on staff by employers.

One such enquiry that we recently received came from Mr C, an accountant from Gloucester, who told us he was given a full-time caseload whilst working part-time hours. He made complaints about the excessive workload to his managers, which came to no avail. Our experts are currently investigating the full details of this case to establish if Mr C is eligible to pursue a compensation claim against his employers.

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