Poor Working Conditions

Different situations and different factors can play a part in an employee developing symptoms of stress at work. Poor working conditions can cause the development of a recognised psychological illness and it is an employer’s duty to bear this in mind when risk assessing the workplace.

Every employer has an obligation to carry out a risk assessment of the workplace but this is not just to identify the hazards that could cause an employee to sustain a physical injury. Employers also have an obligation to identify any risks in the workplace that could trigger the development of a psychological illness. Work related stress is one of the biggest causes of staff absence due to illness on an annual basis. Stress can affect anyone, regardless of personality and health – the symptoms of stress can cause a debilitating illness to affect an employee from any industry.

If your employer does not have a Health and Safety policy in place that addresses the issue of stress in the workplace, and you have developed a psychological injury during the course of your employment, you may have a valid claim for compensation.

Have you been forced to work in cramped conditions? Is the lighting in your workplace poor? Is your workplace excessively noisy and do you not have sufficient protection? Are you not allowed to take sufficient rest breaks? Any of the factors detailed in the aforementioned questions could trigger the development of stress at work symptoms.

If you have ever experienced stress at work due to your poor working conditions, or if you can answer yes to the questions above, it is extremely important you contact the hard working and experienced advisors from as soon as possible – you could be owed thousands of pounds in compensation for your suffering.

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