Management Standards

The Health and Safety Executive have identified certain areas of work design that need to be monitored and controlled in order to minimise stress in the workplace. If stress in the workplace is not managed correctly by employers it can lead to poor health and wellbeing, a decrease in productivity and an increase in the number of days taken absent from work. The management standards cover the six primary sources of stress in the workplace.

An employer has to mange the following areas closely in order to minimise the risk of stress in the workplace:

  • Demands: This includes areas such as work load, shift patterns and the working environment.
  • Control: This relates to the amount of input an employee has in the way they do their work.
  • Support: This includes the sponsorship, encouragement and resources provided by the employer, line managers and colleagues.
  • Relationships: This involves the promotion of positive working in order to avoid conflict and also accounts for dealing with challenging behaviour.
  • Role: An employer has to be sure than an employee fully understands their role within the organisation and should also ensure that the employee does not encounter conflicting roles.
  • Change: How any organisational change is managed and communicated to employees.

The Managements Standards detailed above are guidelines that are in place to promote a high level of health and wellbeing in the workplace. It is the duty of an employer to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of the working conditions they are providing for employees to ensure that any potential hazards, in relation to the development of stress at work, are identified, managed and eliminated or minimised.

If your employer has failed to take responsibility for your mental wellbeing, and if there is sufficient evidence of their negligence, you may have grounds to make a personal injury claim.

If you feel that your employer has not taken your mental health seriously, or if you have developed a mental illness as a result of the way you have been treated in the workplace, you should contact the approachable and friendly advisors from for the right advice and support.

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