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Where will I find an experienced and successful firm of lawyers to help me claim the compensation that I need in order for me to gain reimbursement for the damages I have encountered as a direct result of workplace stress? I was referred for treatment by my GP and I have been seeing a counsellor for over a year as a result of the way I was treated by my employer, does this mean I am able to pursue a claim for compensation?

Just because you have been referred for treatment by your GP does not necessarily mean that you are eligible to pursue a claim for compensation. Your eligibility to initiate legal proceedings against your employer is something that will have to be determined by one of the friendly experts here at . There are a number of factors that will have to be considered by our experts if you would like to proceed with your case.

will need sufficient evidence to prove that you are suffering from a recognised psychological illness or injury and to find this will need access to your medical records. Visiting your GP is an important part of qualifying your claim as you will need medical certification that you are suffering from symptoms of work related stress.

If you have encountered damages as a direct result of the way you were treated in the workplace, will need to gather the relevant evidence in order to calculate your losses. We will need evidence of your loss of earnings if you would like reimbursing for the wages you have not been paid as a result of receiving statutory sick pay.

Do you need a professional team of lawyers to assist you through the process of claiming compensation for workplace stress? Has your daily life been disrupted because you are suffering from a stress-related illness and would you like compensating for your struggles and for any financial impact that this has had on you?

Mr C from Gloucester and decided that he would like to enquire about pursuing a claim against his employer with a view to initiating legal proceedings should he qualify.

discussed Mr C’s case with him in detail and were able to gather, from the information he provided us with over the phone, that there was an extremely good chance he would receive a compensation award should he decided to initiate legal proceedings.

Mr C was pressured to pick up an extra workload which was performed during unpaid overtime. The extra workload caused Mr C to suffer from sleepless nights and, as a result, he was signed off work with stress. Mr C has also been under the care of a psychotherapist.

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