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I would like representation from a successful and reputable law firm in order to claim a compensation award for the work related stress I have had to endure for a number of months as a result of my employment conditions – where will I find an expert solicitor to help me through the claims process?

Look no further than the expert team at if you would like professional legal guidance throughout the process of claiming compensation for every element of the suffering you have encountered as a direct result of developing a workplace and psychological illness or injury.

specialise in the field of claiming compensation on behalf of employees who have not been protected from psychological harm due to the action or in action of the employer. Every employer in the UK, regardless of the industry sector in which they work, has a legal obligation to protect members of staff from harm – although many employers believe that it is their duty to keep the workplace safe and free from hazards, they also have an obligation to ensure their members of staff are protected psychologically too.

Of your employer has failed in their duty, and can prove that this breach of duty was the direct cause of you developing a recognised psychological illness, there is an extremely good chance you will be compensated for every aspect of your suffering.

Do you need expert legal representation from a reputable law firm in order for you to access the compensation you deserve for your symptoms of work related stress?

If your working conditions have led to you developing a stress-related illness, because you have not been supported during your employment because you have had an excessive workload, are here to help you access the compensation you deserve. There are numerous reasons an employee can develop symptoms of a stress-related illness so it is always worth seeking legal advice if you are unsure about whether or not you have the right to claim compensation.

Mr U decided to enquire about his eligibility to pursue a claim against his employer in London. Mr you felt that he had been unfairly dismissed from work as he was asked to leave with no written warnings or no disciplinary actions. During the course of his employment, Mr U was being bullied and harassed which prompted him to visit his GP – he was diagnosed as suffering with stress and depression.

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