Lack of Support and/or Protection

Stress at work caused by lack of support or protection encompasses a multitude of different situations that can arise in the workplace.

The list of ways in which an employee can develop a psychological illness as a result of being unsupported or unprotected in the workplace is extensive and by no means exhaustive – the dedicated advisors at , however, can offer you specialist advice about your individual situation regardless of the cause of your particular symptoms of stress.

If you have developed symptoms of stress at work for any of the following reasons, may be able to assist you with claiming compensation for the psychological injury you developed as a consequence:

  • Your employer put you at risk of physical danger without offering you any form of training or protection. If your job means you are at risk of encountering violent or anti-social behaviour, your employer has a duty to put a safe system of working in place – this may mean that you have to work with someone else at all times or this may mean that you need to be provided with training about how to manage situations of this nature. If your employer has negligently failed to provide you with protection from violent situations this is likely to cause you to develop symptoms of stress if you are constantly in fear of being harmed.
  • Your employer has not offered you sufficient support in order for you to develop or use your skills. This can arise in a variety of situations from your employer failing to provide you with training to your employer failing to assist you in being able to carry out the job required of you competently. If you feel that your skills are not being put to good use, or if you feel that you do not have the necessary skills to fulfil your job role, there is a chance that your mental health will suffer as a result of this.

can offer you expert legal assistance if you feel that your employer has failed in their duty to support or protect you, for any reason, in the workplace and their actions caused the development of your recognised psychological injury.

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