Disability Discrimination

can provide you with expert legal assistance if your employer has directly or indirectly discriminated against you because of your disability. Under the Equality Act 2010, it is unlawful for an employer to:

  • Treat a person less favourably because they have a disability – an employer can, however, treat a person with a disability more favourably than those who are not disabled.
  • Treat an employee less favourably because of something that arises from a disability.
  • Fail to make reasonable adjustments where a disabled job applicant or employee would otherwise be placed at a substantial disadvantage.

It is important to remember that you can only make a claim for stress at work compensation if you suffered a recognised psychological illness or injury as a consequence of your employer treating you less favourably because you have a disability. You can claim disability discrimination compensation through an employment tribunal if you suffered in the workplace as a consequence of your employer’s actions but did this did not cause you to suffer a psychological illness. is more than happy to help you establish whether or not you have grounds to start a personal injury claim because of your employer discriminating against you on the basis of your disability.

It is important to remember that employers are allowed to treat those with disabilities less favourably in certain specific circumstances but these reasons are generally for the safety and well-being of the employee in question.

The specialist advisors from have a wealth of experience in the notoriously difficult area of claiming stress at work compensation on the grounds of disability discrimination. Our helpful and friendly advisors will work tirelessly on your behalf in order to ensure you are adequately compensated for the psychological illness you developed as a consequence of your employer’s negative treatment of you on the grounds of your disability.

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