Compensation Claim For Work Related Stress In London

Are you considering making a compensation claim for work related stress after your employer has treated you badly here in London, if this is the case then you should not hesitate to contact the dedicated and professional staff at to enable the chances of your claim being successful being as great as possible.

Our staff were approached by Mrs L from Southampton, this client decided to approach us when she was suffering from stress and anxiety due to what she felt was an excessive work load. Our client believed that her employer had not considered the important aspect of health and safety and as such she instructed us to look at her claim to ascertain whether she did indeed have a viable case to allow her to receive compensation.

I’m thinking about making a compensation claim for I have undergone work-related stress, my employer has treated me very badly here in London and I believe that could help me to achieve compensation that I deserve.

In order for us to give relevant and continually updated advice our staff keep abreast of any changes in legislation and also read articles online and in the newspapers with great interest; we read a report written by Robert Colville on the Telegraph online which was written on 2 November 2011, stating that: And at the heart of that process is the impact of technology. In his recent book The Tyranny of Email, John Freeman claims that checking our inboxes “has made us a workforce of reactors, racing to keep up with a treadmill pace that is bound for burnout and breakdown and profound anger”. In the past, he says, only doctors, plumbers and presidents had to deal with being permanently on call – now, thanks to smartphones, it’s all of us.

The problem, however, is that this process is often as addictive as it is alienating. Almost half of us claim to be hooked on email: most of us check it on holiday, and even when we’re in the loo. This is partly because our iPhones and BlackBerries could almost have been precision-engineered to stimulate our pleasure circuits. If you give apes a treat when they push a particular button, they come to get a hit of pleasure from that action. But if you make it so that they sometimes get the treat, and sometimes don’t, the pleasure actually increases: one hit from the expectation, and one hit from the reward.

If you or a loved one is considering making a compensation claim for undergoing work related stress, after being badly treated by an employer in London then would be delighted to enable you to achieve the compensation that you deserve, call us today on: 020 80392 30491.

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