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Have you been involved in an employment dispute, resulting in you suffering considerable amount of stress at work, and need advice on the disciplinary action that you feel is being taken unfairly against you? Then you should make a no obligation call to the extremely understanding highly qualified professionals at to discuss your case in confidence and find out how we could help you with your particular case.

The professionals at have been working on behalf of clients all over England and Wales for the past 10 years, and have extensive experience in successfully handling work-related stress claims for those involved in employment disputes.

Stress at work can have a serious impact on an individual’s mental and physical health, leading to problems such as anxiety, depression and sleeping difficulties.

In 2012, Medical News Today reported that “employees are very demanding jobs and not much freedom to make decisions have a much higher risk of having a heart attack compared with the people of that age whose jobs are less stressful, researchers from University College London reported”.

The article went on to say the findings of the report showed that “if you have a very stressful job and are not given the freedom to make decisions, the chances of experiencing a heart attack a 23% higher”.

Are you finding it difficult to cope with excessive pressures and demands being placed upon you by your employer, causing you to suffer stress at work, and need advice on disciplinary action that is being taken against you as a result of your struggles? Then you should consult the friendly and extremely helpful staff at , as we could use our extensive experience in successfully handling work-related stress cases for clients all over the country to provide you with the accurate and personalised advice that you need, and to act on your behalf to help you bring a claim against your employer to secure compensation for your suffering.

Our dedicated claims team were recently consulted by Mr R, a restaurant manager from Stevenage, who told us that he had been suspended from his place of work, causing him to suffer considerable stress. He was reinstated back into his position within the company when the allegations against him were dropped, but was then transferred to an alternative branch, placing him under further stress.

Stress at work cases can be notoriously complex and it is essential that if you are involved in a situation like that of Mr R’s, the you contact our professionals as soon as possible to discuss your case is a thorough investigation must be conducted and a claim must be brought within the required time limit.

The experts at could provide you with the accurate and personalised advice that you need on bringing a claim against your employer if you are suffering from stress at work, as a result of employment disputes or unfair disciplinary action, to help you achieve the optimum results that are available to you in your particular case with the minimal amount of hassle and fuss; so call our extremely dedicated professionals today, on: 020 80392 30491.

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