Advice About Workplace Stress

I need expert advice about claiming compensation for workplace stress, my working life and my home life have been turned upside down by the symptoms I am experiencing as a result of the precious I have been placed under at work and I would like expert legal advice about my eligibility to pursue compensation – where can I access the advice I need in order to help me get my life back on track?

Stress at work can affect every element of your life – not just your working life is affected by a psychological illness, your personal life and your finances can be detrimentally impacted upon.

If you have encountered stress at work which is leaving you with a number of difficulties, including financial difficulties, you need to consult the experts at as soon as possible. Once we have investigated your claim, we will be able to give you the legal support you need in order to claim compensation for every element of your suffering.

Our aim is to ensure you are in the same position as you were before stress at work affected your mental health.

Do you need advice about workplace stress or do you need expert legal assistance from in order to claim the compensation you deserve for the unnecessary pressures you have been placed under at work? Have you been bullied in the workplace or have you been the victim of harassment at the hands of your superiors and has this caused you to become stressed? No matter what the cause of your workplace stress, if your employer is directly responsible, are here to help.

Ms C from West Sussex, a female cleaning assistant, was sexually harassed by one of her male colleagues on multiple occasions. Ms C reported the incidents to her employers but they continuously failed to take reasonable protective steps in order to stop the harassment. Ms C did not receive the support and protection she needed from her employer and, consequently, developed a psychological injury.

As with every case we are presented with by a stress at work victim, we fully investigated Ms C’s claims and we were able to provide her with an accurate assessment of the prospects of success. are confident that Ms C’s case will be successful and we were able to accepted based on the information we were provided with.

If you would like advice about pursuing compensation for workplace stress, contact the helpful and friendly professionals from today on 020 80392 30491 to discuss your case and find out how our team can help you.

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