Advice About Stress At Work UK

Are you seeking advice in regards to starting a compensation claim as you are the victim of stress at work in the UK? Do you feel that your employer has treated you unfairly and this caused you undue stress, psychological harm and financial loss? You should speak to the highly successful team at who are experts in the compensation claims process and we will be able to assist you if you are seeking compensation from your employer due to stress related illness and injury.

Stress is a major problem and it can cause a multitude of experiences and changes to those who are suffering from it. In some cases there are clear signs that people are experiencing stress at work and if this is the case and they are identified early, action can be taken before this pressure becomes a long-term issue.

It is important that whilst at work everybody looks out for changes in a way a person, or group behave, however, in the majority of cases the changes to a person’s behaviour will only be noticeable to the person who is subjected to excessive stress.

Although stress generally affects mental health it can have derogative effects on many other areas of the body including the heart, lungs and circulation, skin, metabolism, muscles and joints, the digestive system, reproduction and even the immune system.

Do you believe that your employer has treated you unfairly and you are now seeking advice about making a stress at work compensation claim in the UK? Are you unsure as to your eligibility to make a successful compensation claim and need a legal firm to assist you in assessing your eligibility for compensation? You should speak to who are experts in the compensation claims process and we are happy to discuss the eligibility of your claim, free of charge, over the phone on a no obligation basis.

The team at receive many enquiries on a daily basis and we recently received an enquiry from Mr N from Ascot.

Mr N told us that he worked for a company over the last 12 years as a caretaker and then he was promoted to management. Soon after his promotion he was told that the building had been sold and that his job was in danger and he was then asked to sign another contract which he did not understand. After this they said they would give him a call into work when they needed him, however, he has not heard anything since. He has since spoken to his doctor and he was told that he was suffering from stress and diagnosed him with depression.

If you have been diagnosed with work-related stress then you should speak to the team at who can provide you with genuine help and advice about making a compensation claim against your employer for stress at work; to discuss the eligibility of your claim in the UK why not call our team today on: 0844 346 3880.

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